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Is the Z Badge/Vent behind quarterlight needed?


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I have heard several people say that this chrome badge is a necessary vent to the fuel system, is this really true? I just bought a 1973 240Z that a previous owner has had it shaved and filled. Just wondering if anyone has done this and if so what did you do to vent? I like the clean look of it but don't want any fire hazard. Thanks JJ

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That is good because I don't have any badges!

My previous 240Z had a lot of exhaust smell in the car and it had the badges behind the small window and the two vents on the hatch, it was an 8/71. Whenever I would start it up it would really stink up the area. Once I fired it up and a poor nearby pedestrian started waving their hands around to dispel the stench, I kid you not. I still feel bad for the guy but laugh anyway when I think of it. The 240Z I have now is a 1970 and has no badges behind the small window and none on the hatch as they were filled in too. I don't usually smell the exhaust in this car but that makes no sense to me except that I don't get the stench with this one upon starting up. Does it make any sense that some cars have much smellier exhaust than others?

Maybe beano would help.

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