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Unused original spare tire anyone? anyone?


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Ok, my next quest is on. Does anyone have an original unused early z spare tire lying around?:ermm: I am still working on the antenna that is coming along although I did not win an auction for a part I was trying to buy on eBay.:disappoin I did not fully understand:confused: the one bid option and when bidding at the last second that is not he option you want to use. Back to the spare tire I have a restored bare rim in the spare tire well of my Z and would like to put an original factory tire back on it. I have realized that I cannot get all I want complete on my car before I put it to bed for the winter. So I plan to get all the goodies together over the winter and then complete my projects in the spring.;) I have the rebuilt quartz clock:love:, I have most of the parts to put together a proper antenna, I have a set of luggage straps being restored (Zedsaver), I have a set of retractable seat belts being restored (Ssnake Oyl products):love:, I am working on proper hoses and clamps etc… I am planning to put a stock set of wheels and tires on it , pull the battery, pull the windshield washer bottle, put the car cover on it and put it in a Car Jacket tomorrow for winter storage. I hope to have all the goodies ready for installation in the spring.:cool:

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