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Guest chevyscrapin1500

i have been hearing a lot about people not putting tripple webbbers on becuase they do not give as much power as the 2 stock SU's but i am 16 years old and i am fixing up a 73 240z with a 280 zx engine and was thinking about putting 3 dual carbs on it and i just wanted other peoples inpute.


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Sorry for the late reply...

For a stock or slightly modified L6 engine its really hard to beat the torque and horsepower you get from dual SUs. Nissan did their homework and its a good induction system.

When you start into the heavier modifications like aggresive cams, higher compression, head work, etc. then you'll benefit from the additional breating that triple Webers, Solexes, etc. give you.

Now, you said that you have a 280ZX engine, right? I suggest you use the L-jetronic fuel injection system that came stock on that engine. When tuned and working properly its as good or better than any dual SU setup.

Good luck and welcome.



John Coffey


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Hey kid, John is definitely right about fuel injection. Carbs are affected by weather conditions and gravitational/pulling forces. FI is affected by nothing except your right foot. John, smart dude that he is, is also right about dual Roundtop SU's on engines with stock or mild-modified guts. They work great and they sound more like a vintage sports car should (More than FI, that is). and if you use aftermarket air cleaners like Ram-Flo or K&N they will sound even sweeter and put out more power.

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I learned using the Nissan factory service manual!

Now days you can go to www.ztherapy.com order one of their SU videos and for less than the cost of a factory service manual you will be an expert!

Of course you should probably get a service manual too as it covers lots more than just the carbs! I usually check my Hayes manual, then Chilton manual, then Nissan manual. Then have a few beers, play some darts (you have to give some time to digest all that info) then go work on the car!

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