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My 70 Z saga


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In 1970 this Z was bought new in California by my father and it was love at first sight. The dealership only had 1 on the lot at the time and everyone interested had to get on a waiting list, we were #8 and had to wait 3 months. The picture with the long haired kid is me in 1974 after I got to drive it for the first time and I remember telling my dad that I wanted this car when he was ready to get rid of it. I didn't realize I would have to wait 42 years. The next picture is the beginning of it's trip to Georgia, had to be loaded on a rollback and taken 75 miles where it was transfered to an enclosed auto hauler. So 2 weeks later I get a call at 1:00 in the morning from the driver asking me to meet him at a store parking lot a few miles from the house and to come get my car. I was a little worried about driving it as it had not been driven in over 4 years but made it home with no problems. Next picure is after it had a bath and the front spoiler was re-installed, interior and under the hood, oh yeah in early 1980 my dad and I installed a LT1 and a borg warner super T10 trans. After having the car for a few months and only the 12th time driving it horror struck, some stupid idiot rear ended us, he told the policeman that he only looked down for a second and couldn't stop in time (i think he was texting). The next pictures are the damage and I can't tell you enough to have an appraisal on your car so you have some ammo to fight the insurance co. with, that is the only reason my car is getting repaired. Next picture is the donor for the rear clip and the last picture is where the progress on the car is now. It has been 4 months since the accident and hopefully will be done by Thanksgiving.

Regards, Gary











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