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1975 C110 (KHGC110 240K) Build

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I've been doing some more work on the interior today. The pillar covers in C110's seems to deteriorate really badly from UV exposure. I have two problems, my interior is blue, and most of my pillar trims are warped and cracked beyond repair. I sourced a passenger side c-pillar trim from Japan and a forum member was kind enough to donate a snapped drivers side a-pillar trim.


Troy has some plastic welding tools he uses to repair motorbike fairings which are perfect for this job. A soldering iron is used to join/melt to two pieces together and create a channel to fill with new material.


The channels are loaded with plastic which is heated by a heat gun, it's almost like soldering!


The end result is extremely strong, so strong in fact that you can actually flex the entire piece without breaking the join, it would probably snap elsewhere first.



Next I sanded back the piece and drilled out the fastening hole.



I bogged up the pillar cover, sanded it back and then sanded the entire piece ready for high fill.


I hit all the pieces with a soft pad ready for high filling, rubbing back and painting. Not sure what I'm goign to do with the texture yet but I'm sure it will come up nice.


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Not a bad idea mate, I'll check it out. I might spray them first and see how they look, I figure I can wrap them after if they don't look right.

I finally received the gaskets I've been waiting on from Japan for the parker/indicators. I've been keen to get these back together so I can fit them back into the bumper.


I didn't realise how bad the old gaskets were until I put them side by side. The old set had shrunk quite considerably.


The lights have come up pretty good I'll fit them back into the bumpers soon and take some more snaps.



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Thanks for the compliments guys.

We finished off the pillar covers yesterday. Even though I cleaned the pieces down with Prepsol and rubbed them back, the rear pieces had some problems with the finish and there was still some slight bows where they rear pieces has been heated back into shape. I rubbed back the high fill and bogged up the problem spots them prepared them for painting again.



The final finish isn't true to the original pieces but I'm still quite impressed with the overall look.




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It's actually high fill ;)

I called into the auto trimmers last week and dropped off my door skins. The original interior is in really poor condition and it's blue anyhow so it all has to go. I've had a lot of trouble finding fabric to match the original vinyl but I think the pattern I've chosen should look pretty good once the whole car is trimmed.





These are the fabrics I've chosen.


The most difficultly part of the door trims to replicate is going to be the plastic chrome trim. The entire door skins are multi layered and when they are made, layers of vinyl including the plastic bright work are ultrasonicly welded together.....pretty much impossible to replicate.


The new trims is going to be sewn so I need to come up with a way to remake the chrome trim. At this stage I'm thinking I'll take a cast of the existing chrome work and then remake the strips using some kind of resin. I'll cast some threads into the strips to fix them though the door skins. Once they are make I'll send to them away to be chrome plated and then make and spray them.

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Going full GTR style with the entire car so no carpet or door badges. I was down at the trimmers last week and saw what he's done already. Looks awesome. I'm dropping my rear seats down this week so I'll take some more pics for you.


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Thanks guys. I called into the motor trimmers this morning to drop in the rear seats. Alan had completed one of the rear panels and it looks awesome, hard to see in these crappy pictures though sorry. Alan sourced some 3mm dense rubber to fit behind the vinyl to replicate the original depth around the stitched areas. Without it the panels would have looked too one dimensional and the stitched detail would not be as visible. One problem we've found is that the bright work on the top of the passenger door is damaged, it looks etched. I'm need to track down a replacement from and old door panel...could be tough!




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Yeah I'd say so. He has owned, and owns a nice 240k 4 door at the moment. He was recommended to me by Kid-k, he's got some door trims there at the moment too. I like the fact he takes the time to get all the little details right.

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I called in to Oztrim to drop off my other door trims for butchering. I decided using them would be easier than trying to find replacement chrome. Alan had pretty much finished the back seats and has sewn together the covers for the door trims. They haven't been fitted to the actual cards yet though. The seats look amazing, I'm super impressed. Even though the fabrics are different the overall look is factory.



This is the base of the back seat. It's pretty much finished but Alan wasn't quite happy with the overall fit so he's going to add some more padding. Looks pretty nice though.


This is one of the door skins ready to be fitted to the backing board.


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