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"New" engine install question

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I have a question about installing a new engine. THe info I have says to inject oil in to the engine via the pressure sensor port before turning over to prime the system. is there another way to do this?

Background - got a 5 speed transmission and engine from a 77 280z. I have a 76 280z. figured since I had an extra engine i could rebuild that and still drive around. new engine has been completely rebuilt, used ARP bolts, block hot-tanked for a few days, bores honed, new bearings, valves ground and fit, the whole 9 yds. replacement parts such as electric cooling fan have finally been obtained and I'm prepping for the actual swap. see pic of engine if curious

I did search for other threads, and if i missed a thread that covers this please let me know. thanks.


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You can pre oil the engine through the dizzy hole with a long 3/8 flat wood drill bit. Take the bit and file down the edges making it dull, remove the oil pump drive spindle, replace pump, chuck the bit into a drill, set it to reverse. should not take more than a few seconds for oil pressure to build.

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Ditto. I also placed a few cc's of oil in each cyl and poured a qt of 'Engine Honey' over the cam. Unplug the coil wire and crank for a few seconds at a time until you see oil pressure come up on the dash. Plug in the coil wire and enjoy the smell. You'll see what I mean...;) Take it easy for the first 500 miles, then change your oil/filter and enjoy the ride.

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thank you. that all makes sense. I will report back on the result, and I should be getting to it in a few weekends. biggest problem is standing in the garage thinking "I could start swapping the engine.... or I could go driving"

which do you think I've been choosing?


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