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Oil pump/Distributor installation question.

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I have a '76 280Z. The (original but no longer bone stock) engine just came back from the rebuilder, but I think they got the oil pump/distributor installation wrong. The rotor does not point to the #1 position on the distributor when the #1 cyl is at TDC, but rather to the next cylinder position in the clockwise direction.

In researching how to make this right, however, I'm seeing two different sets of instructions on installing the oil pump which sets where the distributor must go. The 1976 FSM says to line up the marks on the oil pump and the dist drive shaft then pull it out slightly and move the drive shaft one notch counterclockwise. Other sources I've seen on the internet say to just line up the dots on the dist and the oil pump drive shaft and install it that way.

So, which is it? It looks to me that perhaps the rebuild shop just lined up the dots, and moving the shaft one notch back would solve the apparent alignment issue.

I spent a lot of money getting this engine done, so I want to make sure everything is done right when I finally get to start her up.

Thanks in advance...

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Follow the factory srvice manual instructions. The FSM should take precedent over other sources unless you have absolute faith in the source.

Also, ask the engeine rebuilder about this. Perhaps they have a reason/expalanation for the descrepancy. If not, they should correct the problem.

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You actually fit the spindle by trial and error till you get the drive tang at the 11:25 position when looking down the dizzy hole with #one at tdc, the dots are for reference since the dizzy will either be right or 180 deg out. If you look at your dizzy you will see the drive tang slot is off center so the dizzy will only fit one way.

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That's what I thought, thank you. So then, when the distributor is back in place the rotor should be roughly pointed to the #1 position on the cap? I'm used to Chevy V8s, it works different for them.

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