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Z Car Show - October 16, 2010 - Knoxville, TN

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The 20th Annual East Coast Regional Z Car Show will be Saturday, October 16th at European Auto Garage in Knoxville.

1st through 3rd place for each generation of Z car

- Stock and Modified Divisons

1st through 3rd place for the "Z Brethren" class

- Stock and Modified Divisions

- this class includes all Datsun, Nissan and Infiniti cars including 510's, GTR, Maxiima, Altima, G35, G37

Registration includes a show t-shirt, lunch, dash plaque

Registration online at: www.TheZCarShow.com

- after party at home on Norris Lake - ride to the party via The Devil's Triangle

- Alternate ride to the Tail of the Dragon for those interested.

More information, email [email protected]

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Would love to attend but gets kinda chilly in Knoxville when those leaves change color!

Very ironic that in today's mail I received this colorful flyer from Southland Marketing & Development, Inc advertising "Norris Lakefront Liquidation" on Sat Oct 16th at 10 AM. Flyer advertises short sale prices. Prices range from $19,900 to $149,900 for lot with boat slip (really a 1 yr lease at privately owned maina) to 2,800 sq ft lakefront log home (actually a 18 wheeler dumping the pieces on the property for you to erect). Looks like very nice area and lake.

Florida used to be the time-share and vacant property scam capitol of the world. I sense that this promotion may fall into a similar cateqgory.

Is your "after party at home on Norris Lake" adjacent to this community?

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I have no idea where the community is located, but would be glad to find out if you are interested. The after party is to far of a drive for some, but the host of the after party has been involved in the Z community, raced Datsuns for many years, a Gold Medallion winner, so it is a reunion of sorts for some that attend. Others will drive the Tail of the Dragon after the car show and end up at a local establishment for refreshing beverages and food.

Our car show is normally in August, but decided to move it to not be so close to the ZCON event in Nashville, TN that was July 28 - August 1st, and the ZNationals event in Carrollton, GA that was September 24 - 25. Also, the Tail of the Dragon and the Smoky Mountains are great in October, maybe too far for a trip from Florida, but worth it for those within a few hours.

The weather should not be chilly - we had a high of 91 degrees this past week. We are figuring upper 70's, low 80's for the car show...but who knows with the weather in the Southeast.

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