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so i feel i might be one of the only girls on here but hey what's up? hahah, currently i have a 240z im workin on with my dad to get street ready. my dad actually got the car from a family friend of ours in cali. took up too much space in his driveway and his parent were telling him to get rid of it so he just paid for shipping...$800 and we got a sick new car. anyway i joined here hoping to get some advice and whatnot about fixing it up :)

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I'm a girl! Have fun with your Z! I've had my 240 for about a month and am finally able to start getting dirty on it. It's "driveable" but not particularly safely driveable. Taking it over to a friend's shop later today to do some stuff on it then in the next week or so it will FINALLY get its gas tank fixed and I'll be ordering the proper seat rails for it so I can get some junker seats in from one of the 280s at the yard. Yay for between-terms breaks! It's hard to decide what to work on first, and mine is one that if you shut your eyes and throw a wad of bubblegum at it, you'll hit something that needs to be repaired, replaced, repainted or rewired.

There's GOBS of information here. Pick something-anything- and these folks can tell you how to do it, what's wrong with it, etc.

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