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Relay identification


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Im looking for the ignition relay ... Its either under the glove box or in the group of 4 under the hood where the fuel pump relay is . The car starts ..runs for about 10 minutes then the power cuts off , even the dash

instruments go out ..Has to be igntion related but i need to id the relays somehow ..Also anyone know a good source to get a new one ?

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What document does that come from ? ..I have the Datsun 78 280Z Service Manual and it doesnt have that ..... Thanks for the info ..that helps alot ..
That scan comes from the 1978 280z factory service manual. Body Electrical section. Page BE-71.
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Not sure where you'd find one. You could check with the dealer or places like Motorsport, Black Dragon. etc. I've never had to replace one. 25230-89958 is the part number shown in the microfiche if that's of any help. It supercedes to B5230-W0500 and the name changes to 'Relay Defogger' instead of ignition relay when I put that number into the search at NissanParts.cc FWIW. A search also found this:


And this:


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