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MSD 6AL setup with stock ignition - is this right?


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So I've been reading for the last five hours sifting though countless threads so if someone who actually knows can you verify this information for me. This is what I understand....

I have an MSD 6AL that I am installing in conjunction with my stock ignition system on my '72 240Z. I haven't done the 280ZX dizzy upgrade yet.

Our tachs are a current trigger tach which will no longer work once the 6AL is hooked up. The 8920 and 8910 are tach adapters - the 8920 is for Magetic pickup like the Pertronix 1761 setup and the 8910 is for voltage triggered from the negative side of the coil. In order to get my stock '72 Tach which is current triggered to work I need to use a Chrysler Dual Ballast Resistor and run it between the origninal +/- coil inputs which now go to the MSD 6AL Red and White wires.

It sounds fairly straight forward but after five hours of research my mind is numb. I probably won't spend as much time fabing up a mounting plate and running the cabling... sigh....

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