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Door lock mechanism


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Is there anyway to fix my lock mechanism without replacing it?

The drivers side door will not close at all because the mechanism is in the rong direction I tried turning it but it will not move all the way to the correct position. I cleaned all the gunk and it moves freely but just wont move int he right position.

Btw this is a 74 early model 260z with the striker plate on the jam below the date stamp.

Passenger side (correct)


Driverside (turned backwards)


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Did you remove it from the door and look it over? Maybe take the other one out and compare the differences. These are pretty bullet proof pieces. I do recall having to replace a spring that had broken once on mine. Look at the two side by side and I'll bet the solution will jump out at you.

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You know, this is one of those cases where we can all help each other by sharing info on where things get sourced, part numbers, mods to make it work, etc.

I think I found a spring that was close from a tension standpoint, cut it down and made a loop and it's been going for 10+ years of daily driving.

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I posted a thread a while back ago describing this same exact problem. Loosen the screws around the mechanism and then try to turn in back in the right direction. That worked for me and I had the same exact problem as you. Let me know if that works.

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