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Suspension strut inside dimensions SAME Front and Rear?


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Hello all!

Does anybody know for a fact wether the INSIDE dimensions- inside diameter and depth (the space where you put the strut insert in) of the Front strut housing is EXACTLY the same as the Rear strut housing?

The reason i asked is that i bought a pair of KYB "Ultra SR" cartridge inserts that i put on the 240z`s FRONT, and was wondering if they would fit the REAR. I really dont want to bring down the rear struts and find out that the same or similar struts i have wont fit the front struts. If that happens, we`l have to order KYB`s from overseas, and thats downtime for the Z (express delivery going here together with importation taxes can drive a guy nuts over here!)

I did buy the KYB`s from a KYB distributor over here. According to the distributor the GR-2`s are known as EXCELL-G`s over here. The (strange) problem is that the distributor says he has no cross reference number for the GR-2`s to EXCELL-G`s (at least for the 924). So i have no choice but to get whatever cartridge insert fits inside the strut. This unfortunately is the "state of the nation". THANK YOU!


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