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What's underneath....?


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Hello guys....

I'm in need of some advice and lots of help......

I am not a Z-car owner at this point, though I do hope to change that when the chance arises....

In the mean time, I am building a 1/12 scale replica of a 240ZG, a large Tamiya kit. Plastic model kit, that is..Kid's stuff.....maybe..:rolleyes:

My plan is to make it as accurate and realistic as I possibly can.....Being such a large kit, the chance to add details is large....

I have scoured the net looking for good detailed pics, having pretty good success in doing so.....BUT, I am stumped on the underside details....:ermm:

Many of the fantastic re-builds I have come across, all show the chassis in a stripped down state....

I am hoping someone may be able to help out, point me towards some info regarding where, how all the brake lines and fuel lines run....?

I need to find out brake line bracket positioning, how the E-brake cables are laid out....that kind of detail..

Most of the articles I've found on rebuilds show good chassis pics, but not how all the accessories are mounted....:(

Any help or advise would be gratefully received, and muchly appreciated guys..

Many thanks for your time...



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