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Few Questions about my 79 ZX


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I did a search and came up empty so here it goes.

My first question is what would cause the battery and tail warning lights to come on?? Whats the fix to get the warning to stop. For some reason the tailights are not out but it still gives the warning so I think it may be the relay. The battery ive been told becuase newer batteries dont have the same makeup that the computer is used to reading it constantly says its failing. So any tips on how to get those to go off??

My second question is the car starts up just fine. But after about a minute of warming up it starts to lump where it will drop to about 500rpm and regain itself and it continues to do that til the car is completly warmed up. If its driven it tries to die and regains itself. Normal or is something amiss with her that Im not processing.

The car will be going to storage in about 2 months for the next 2 years while I do what I gotta do in Japan. Just tryna get the little things done before I head out.


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I'd forget the theory about the newer battery. A 79 280ZX electrical system is just not that sophisticated. I had some problems with the warning system back when I first bought my 810. I solved it basically by cleaning the connections in the circuit. You could look at the Body Electrical section in the 79 280ZX FSM and that should give you some direction.:


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