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HELP?? 1978 280Z 26 yrs in storage: needs A/C pressure Switch


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Last summer my mom's estate willed me my Dad's 1978 280Z which he dearly loved. It was put in our barn in Michigan in June of 1983 when he became critically ill. The car has ~79,000 miles. Except for the bumpers, wheels and some reasonable engine aging the car looks new. Every singe switch, dial, instrument works. The interior is pristine. Now comes the bad news. I had the car mechanically gone over, repainted (original DAtsun orange (110) and shipped to me in Florida. The A/C doesn't work. I discovered that the pressure switch has retired (like me) and there just isn't one to be had.

So I come to the folks who have either already solved this issue or know where I can get a surrogate pressure switch.

BTW, the last resort alternative is to wire around the swithc but then you have defeated the purpose of the switch. I don't know what the probablity of catastrophy is w/o the switch but....

Oh, once I have the new wheels, and the bumpers rechromed (that's being done in Melbourne, FL and there is a 2 month waiting list) I will post pix of the car.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Don Stiver


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