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what a stupid question!

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i got a 240z when i turned 17. i had a minimum wage job, and school. the car cost me $2,800 and i paid for it in full on the fourth of July. with money i saved for a year. getting it to run reliably was expensive, but well worth it! i probebly had less time to work on it(1 to 2 hours or less a week). borrow the caprice, save your money, get the fairlady back on the road later!

now ive had this car for over a year, and its the most reliable car out of 3 others that are newer at my house. but it looks like you want to give up! i bet my car will out live your caprice in reliability and, its value will continuosly go up, the caprice will go down.

what are you going to do when your caprice overheats on the freeway? or the alternator dies, or when time comes to smog it?

ALL CARS COST MONEY TO MAINTAIN. do you know when a rod throws, or the timing belt falls off destroying your engine!

life is full of surprises!!!!

besides, isn't this car what you've always wanted? if so is somthing you can spend the extra cash on>> "and I'd like to keep my paychecks to spend on stuff I've always wanted"

i will do just about anything to keep my DATSUN 1973 240z!

it seems that you won't!

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