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1974 260Z bumper parts

Coke Man

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I am listed as Coke Man and I am new to the site. I have a 1974 260Z and the strips on the front and rear bumpers need to be replaced along with the rubber that fits up against the car behind the bumpers. I could also use some bumpers that are in great shape as mine are a little dull. Can anyone help. Also does anyone know where I can get some radio knobs for thr radio mine are missing. One other thing I have a R200 rear end and when going down the road as long as it is pulling it is quite however, when I let off the gas I rear a noise. Could this be a bad u-joint? By the way I really enjoy this site.

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I had a similiar problem a few years back. I tried to solve it by never letting off the gas pedal except that I ran out of road and accumulated too many speeding tickets so I tried something else; I lifted the car and did a simple check of the u-joints. Take hold of the main drive shaft and twist it back and forth. You may be able to move it slightly (a few degrees each way), but you will feel it if the u-joints are bad. If the main drive shaft is ok, try the half shafts on either side of the diff. Should those things pass the test, check the transmission mount. A thorough visual (use bright light) should show signs of a torn rubber mount. You may need access to a car lift and a jack for this last test unless you happen to have auto ramps and are yourself svelte enough to fit under it to check. Don't forget you also have a strap holding your diff down, though I don't know that this strap has been a known problem. Others would likely know more about this.

One thing; don't underestimate this problem. Take care of it asap. Good luck.


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