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A true Z junkie if the name didn't give it away


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Hey gang~

Am I ever glad to be here! What a great group of Z fanatics. I hope to get to know some of you in time. I'm excited to go to some events in the coming years. There are such great stories behind these cars. Here's a tidbit of mine. I'm Brannen from Denver/Tulsa. I know, I know...it's a long commute. I work in Colorado through the week as an Eyecare consultant for Carl Zeiss optics and my other half (Lynn) is in med school @ OSU. Cool girl (and brilliant); talked herself into a beautifully customized, restored Z car before we moved to Tulsa. I had a pretty sweet '77 280 back in college but couldn't afford to fix all that plagued it. It was time to catch the car disease all over again. Lynn, concerned that I would get the 'pick of the litter', ended up with the 280 I personally had my eye on for months before I even knew it was going up for sale. I had to get the ugliest (but largely rust-free) thing you've ever seen so as not to seem greedy and self serving. I now, however, have the latitude to build this into the most extraordinary example I could ever have imagined.

Stay tuned~


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Welcome 2m280zs to the site, I'm sure you'll find pretty well any information you need here. We have a few walking, talking, driving Z encyclopedias as well as a very useful search function. You probably realize that already though.

You should post a couple of pics of your Zs.

BTW - I don't think the big bumpers and FI are so bad :)

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