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Need module & harness


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I noticed the plastic cowl on steering wheel was warm the other day. I removed it to find that the short harness with the module secured to top of the iginition switch was heating up with the lights on. More specifically the green and white to the left rear of it. This wire has also been glued, repaired at the plastic connection plug. I know I need to trace the wiring to figure out where the short is, but still think this short harness should be replaced if possible. It is obvious from the solder connections on the module that it has been hot before. Still wondering if this was part of the cause, or result of the melt down a couple of weeks ago.

Thanx in advance for any replies.


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Do a search on the subject and you should find the information. I'd have to look it up myself to help you but one thing that will lessen future problems is to use one of Zs-ondabrain's wiring harnesses

I have a '73 myself and had a similar problem. In fact the wire (I don't remember the color) had been repaired in the past with a crappy soldering job. The plastic cover was pressing down on a big solder glob and after what was probably years of heating and cooling plus the plastic becoming brittle with age, a small round piece of plastic broke or chipped away from the rest of the plastic. I re-soldered the wire, fixed the plastic the best I could and ordered one the wiring harnesses which is plug and play - won't butcher your existing harness.

The heating problem is lessoned to a great extent because the current for the lights is no longer running through the light switch on your steering column. Less current equals less heat. A more detailed explanation can be found elsewhere in the forum. At $125 the harness is well worth it though.

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