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Parts needed for project


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I'm recreating the Car and Driver Project Omega car. I need some help finding parts for it. The rarest are the Datsun competition parts. The other things on the car are rare, but pop up frequently enough that I'm not worried about finding them. If someone could help me find the following parts I'd appreciate it.

Datsun Comp. 5 speed- Part #32010-E4152

4.44 Limited slip rear end- No Part #

Datsun Comp suspension- Part #99996-E3010

I'm not concerned about the money, just finding the parts. I can make more money, Datsun isn't making any more transmissions. If there are any parts out there that are easier to find that can be substituted for these let me know what they are.

According to the article, it was built to SCCA C Production specs. What exactly does that mean?

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Part number for the 4.44 limited slip differential is 38300-A0200. I had that in my first '71 Z, as well as the 5 speed with the standard ratio. Have fun building your car. The SCCA specs for C Production would have been whatever the rules were concerning modifications to the body, suspension, engine, and the rest of the drive train.

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