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Just a reminder about those rebuild kits


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Seen that this topic was empty after 5 days, so here is a friendly reminder:

RE: Those $15.00USD carb rebuild kits (actually, refresh kits as you don't get much!!!) that you get at PepBoys, NAPA, Advance; wherever; they always include some temptingly flexible fuel hose...


I was always tempted, as it is sooo soft and flexible, no chance of contributing to sticking chokes. But word was, don't use it as it melts from fuel over time. So I didn't.

Well, turns out the local "Z guru" DID use one of them on one of my carbs when he replaced my floats and adusted for richness last summer.

I just discovered it when I wondered why my fingers were getting black and gooey while doing generic carb cleaning. It was melting, but I caught it in time.

Yoy! Glad I just received a pair of Z-Therapy fuel lines, how timely!

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