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Right rear thumping during breaking


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Greetings all: I've been reading the postings regarding right rear noises/problems but none seam to describe mine. I have a 73 240z with 93k miles on it, the car is mostly original with the exeption of the weber carbs and hooker headers. My problem is that when under med/heavy breaking the right rear susoension seams to be hopping producing a thumping sound. I had a broken right rear axel stub replaced 500 miles ago but the problem continues. My mechnic has offered a few sugestions but is not sure. The thumping olso occures when accelerating, to a lesser degree and there is a jump to the right on rough road conditions. Would a deteriated trans link bushing cause this? Or a bad wheel bearing? The car sat for a few years leading to the sugestion of a flat spot on the drum, but the mechanic say it looks ok. Any sugestions would be helpful.

Thanks Ian

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Welcome to the show. I too have a thumping noise from same side. I would check the gland nut holding your strut in the tube and if you replaced stub axle I'd go ahead and do the bearings as well as the suspension bushings.

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Have a good look at the inner control arm bushings and the spindle pin bushings. Sounds like the bushings may have failed and allowing the control arm to shift forward when you accelerate and to the rear when braking. This would account for the right ''turn''when you accelerate. Gary

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