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I really hate to be rude, but I've been looking for an understandable vacuum diagram for my 76 280 for some time now and all I get is for the hvac. Understanding I don't have ac and all my heat and air controls are cable likage and also the routing diagram and ledgend in the FSM is crap, does anyone know of a diagram that real people can read? I've seen several posts on several sites of people asking for the same thing as me and getting directed to the hvac diagram. Really do appreciate the helpful spirit, I don't think that when a guy is asking " po removed all the vacuum hoses, I don't know how it even stays running." how the hvac diagram is going to help. So please forgive my aggresive messaging and can anyone help? Thanks

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that's the one Stephen. It's from the FSM and you can't see under the throttle body (GRRRRRRRRRRRR!), but thanks for your response. I was hoping someone had mapped it out and had it handy, but by judging how nobody has one, I guess when I get it figured out I'll draw it out and post it for all those 76er's out there :)

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There are two vaccum connections under the throttle body. The one to the rear connects to the rear port on the thermal vaccum valve with hose 22 in the diagram. The other one on the front side that you can't see in the diagram t's into the distributor vaccum advance hose. Now that's based on looking at my 78 but I'm fairly certain it would be the same.

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