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Almost finished restoring #248, parts left over for sale


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Hey Ladies and Gents....

I'm finishing up the restoration of #248 and have parts left over that I'm putting up for sale to try to offset the red in my bank account... :)

The list is really long and is posted in the classifieds area.

If you have any questions about the parts or would like pics, please let me know.



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Here's the link to see photos: http://thehackshack.net/240z.htm

Gary has done a really nice job on the body. Car was picked up down in Texas with a lot of parts, but not many that would actually go towards restoring the car to original shape. At the time, the shell looked nice, but as we dug in to it, it got worse and worse. As you can see in the pics, there was about a half an inch of bondo on the passenger quarter and the car had been hit in the front on the drivers side. The impact tweaked the frame rail and radiator support. I ended up having to sacrifice my other Z for #248. Gary and crew welded in a new to the Z front corner and did a really nice job of it as well.

Due to the number of original parts missing from the car when I bought it, it's being "upgraded" in a number of areas. Details to follow!

I've been working on #248 for around a year now and should have it back from the body shop in a couple of weeks.

The pics on the website are several weeks old - but progress is happening!

Let me know what parts you're interested in.



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Looks like they are making good progress. I sent you a PM about the parts. I am having floor pans from Charlie Osborne put in #237 now and then I will have to address the cowl/firewall rust issue next. Some day I will do a total tear down like you are doing, but I'm hoping to drive it for a little while first.


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For those of you who PM'd me, I've put your names by the parts in the order that I received the messages. I'll shoot you pics and we can talk price this afternoon when I get back from work. Thanks again.


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