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73 240z spotted on Ebay


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I spotted an auction on Ebay for a 73 240Z that looked pretty good and was hoping to get some feedback from all you PROS :D that deal with this model. It seems close enough to possibly take seriously and go and look at since I'm in Wheeling, and the car is somewhere in "SouthWest PA". Please tell me what you think about it and about how much it's worth. You guys will help me decide on this.



Here's the link:


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If you live close enough to visibly inspect it, that's your best bet. There's nothing quite like seeing it, hearing it, driving it, etc. The seller seems like someone who would tell you all details but seeing it would either confirm or refute his claims. There are many posts on this site on where to look for potential problem areas. If you can, take a look at it before the auction ends and report back to us.

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I guess others were more motivated than me on this as the car sold using "Buy It Now" I just didn't get over to see it quick enough! It belonged to a guy named James Burgess in Uniontown. PA., just a little over an hour away!

I did however find out he only owned it for 3 months and it couldn't get near the asking price of the previous owner on Ebay. I thought it was pretty interesting how the 2 auctions were differant. I guess it all boils down to timing and how you present the auction!

Here's the previous auction,


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Very Interesting to compare the words/description in the first auction by Yutakazz and the second by money$jewelry. You can also see why money$jewelry has a 92.9% feedback with only 12 reports coming in.

As I said above at Post #2 - "IF it checks out as being rust free - solid floors, not patched...."

It would appear that money$jewelry neglected to mention the "floorboards" having been fiber-glassed, where as Yutakazz made a point of tell you that detail...

Nonetheless it looks like money$jewelry did put some additional time, effort and dollars into the car..

Just a good thing to keep in mind - "rust free" - is not the same as "never any rust damage". As Mull found, a "rust free" Z, just might really mean that all the rust was cut out and replaced with fiberglass and bondo...

At any rate - in that part of the Country - with all the work and parts on the car - it was still a good buy at $6K, if you want a 240-z to drive.


Carl B.

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Here I was, kicking myself in the butt for missing a potentially good car buy and I just found out when the buyer went to pick up the car, it was a piece of , well, may we say it was "misrepresented" in the Ebay auction! For his feedback on this matter, go here: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=yutakazz&item=&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS

It must be crushing to look forward to getting a quick and easy 6 grand for a POS and when the man with the money arrives, he slaps you in the face with reality!

It'll probably end up on Ebay again! Buyer Beware!

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