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new 280ZX... want some advice (other than get a 240Z)

Guest Shotgun

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Guest Shotgun

I just bought myself a 280ZX for $2000 Aus 2 days ago and im feeling pretty good about it.

i want to make some "adjustments" to it tho and i want some advice and maybe some quotes if i can get them (if you give a quote please tell me the currency)

1.its an automatic and i want to know if its worth getting manual transmision... and if so how much it would cost

2.its not making the kind of noise i would like and id appreciate some input as to give it more of a purr/growl

and 3.i'd appreciate any pointers on how to prevent rust (she's only got a little and i want to keep it that way)

any help would be great (also, anything else you can think of too

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Hello friend, If you drive in town mostly and or drag race, I would stick with the automatic. As far as sound goes you are going to have to get an aftermarket exaust system, like the MONZA EXAUST brand system from VICTORIA BRITISH LTD. 149.95 U.S. order number is 1-800-255-0088. Not sure if that telephone number works outside of the U.S., but you should be able to find MONZA EXAUST through any auto parts hi performance catalogs. To prevent rust I cannot tell you anything to help but you may keep the car garaged or build a carport or overhang of some sort and use some undercoating. Good luck!!!


Here he comes, here comes speed racer he's a demon on wheels!!!!!

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