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My new 76


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I found this on Craigs list in the barter area. It needs a lot of TLC but the floors and the frame are in good shape better than my 75.

The guy I got it from said it has not run in 5 or 6 yrs. He could not get it run

after he put a new clutch and injectors in.

I got it to run after I covered a big hole in the boot between the AFM and TB

it has a miss but she runs. Over all it will be a good project. In the pic's you'll see the hood is off the car before I left I put that back on I'm going back up to empire to drag it home this weekend.a>a>a>a>

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Yes there is some old gas in the system it smokes maybe that will clear up.

The tail pipe ends under the rear 1/4panel and the smoke filled the car up so that there was smoke coming out the side vents. My first thought was a "Up in Smoke" movie. But for about 350.00 not a bad deal over all.

I'll get it home and check the compresson and see where I'am on the miss it has a N-42 Block and head I have a good head and a few other parts laying around to get it up and running. I wonder if the paint will buff out..LOL

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