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So, she's gone


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Yesterday afternoon the buyer of my '71 picked her up. It's been a long process as he had to kind of rush to put the funding together over the last few months. I had been alright with it for the most part but that last moment watching her leave on the trailer was a bit sad. I know it's the best decision right now, but you can't help to wonder "what if?". As a couple of you know I bought Ray's car a while back, and I still have Kents car as well. I will be doing a bit of work on Kents '74 and then selling it as I will be keeping Rays car for myself. I have a few plans for the '73 and afterwards will be looking for another Hakosuka. My plan has always been to have both. And both in running condition at the same time. That last part is the tough one for me it seems. If all goes well perhaps by this time next year I can start shopping. But for the meantime, I'm pretty excited about the '73. I kept the majority of parts from my '71 so it would not surprise me if they found their way onto the '73. You can rest assured I'll post it all here.


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