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L24 crankshaft on L28 engine?


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Hi, well just thinking into possibly adding a turbo to my project car (which at the moment is still pretty much junk LOL ) but for later when finally through every single detail of the car Im thinking of changing the L28 crankshaft and swapping it for the L24 to lower the compression and then add a turbo. Any ideas or suggestions, and comments? Do you guys think it is a good idea?

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I think different pistons would be the way to lower compression and keep the 2.8L capacity, not altering the crankshaft. If u want to lower the compression find some pistons with a slightly lower pin height or with a dish in them.

There are of course turbo exhaust manifolds around for a turbo conversion. You could find out what compression they ran in the factory cars and aim for that. If I were doing it I'd run more compression and less boost. It will make it a much nice thing to drive and providing it's tuned well and uses good fuel it wouldn't be a problem.

The thing will spool up quicker and be more responsive. and probably go better. No need to build a new bottom end either although if the engine is tired it would still be worth some new rings and bearings.

I probably wouldn't change the compression from standard and keep to 8-10psi boost.

Just my thoughts.

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