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240z Metal Fuel Lines


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I have an early '72 I'm redoing & a late '70 for parts. Some time ago, I removed my fuel lines from the tank to the front & lost them. I thought I wouldn't have a problem because I'd just pull them off of my '70, which leads to my question:

The '70 only had two hard fuel lines, that would reach back to the fuel tank. I only "remember" taking two off of my '72, the same two I had on my '70.

The one I am missing, according to the microfiche, it says "Tube-Air Supplier," #8 (can't copy just the page to show, Sec 15-2) & goes to the front, across the firewall, & into the carb area. It doesn't come from the fuel tank, it comes from the front part of the evap tank in the pass. side pillar.

The two that I have are the ones that go on the passenger side, into the filter & the pump, starting from the fuel tank.

I've got the feeling I'm going to have to get this line from somewhere & hang it in there. Thanks for the help, & the insults for asking a question like this.

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The line you are missing is the one that goes up the left side of the engine bay and ties into the breather and air cleaner . Stops at the left strut. The other end hooks up to the evaporater tank forward side top spud. The hard line stops just in front and to the right of the spare tire well. Here is a picture of the 70 on the engine bay left side.


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