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Headlight gaskets


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What timing!!!

I couldn't find any for my car so I've reverse engineered the geometry with a CMM off one of my headlight buckets and I'm going to have a die made. I have the CAD file but haven't pulled the trigger yet because I need to determine whether there are any differences between the 70 - 78 models. I keep meaning to check out the parts fiche, hopefully they're all the same.

I'm also reviewing different materials, (i.e. solid rubber, closed cell foam, various durometers, PSA backing or not, gasket thickness, etc.) trying to figure out what will work best and pass the test of time. The gasket on the car seemed to be a solid rubber but after 36 years, I can't be sure.

Once I've dialed it in, I plan on selling them. No idea on the price yet, maybe you'll be my first customer :)

Any knowledge/feedback would be sincerely appreciated folks!


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I haven't looked into EPDM, thanks for the tip. I worked in Manufacturing for 18 years but don't have much materials knowledge. I'm taking direction from a local Stamping House on what materials can/could be used. Once I've selected the material, they'll give me a price quote.

The dilema is that I want something that will be functional and cost effective so that others would want to buy them. I like the idea of a PSA backing beings it would make re-assembly easier. I'm also leaning towards keeping it simple, like ordinary rubber, .062" thick.


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When you have the die/mold made make sure you coordinate it with the rubber company that will produce the product. Some places can only work with molds of a certain size and design. Also look into producing a mold where you can get both left and right gaskets done in one process.

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