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need help with Speedometer


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hi guys,

i'm planning to change my stock speedometer with a new one (z-series).

do i have to take the dash board or dash fascia out.

if there a way i can just take the speedometer out without taking the dash bard out. anyone have any idea how to easiely take out the speedometer?


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You didn't state the year of your car but this is for a 78. Despite what the attachment says, you don't have to remove the tach. It would make it easier if you did but I've done it without removing the tach. Another thing that would make it more difficult is having a dash cap.


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Before you do anything try and loosten up the two butterfly nuts that hold the guage in place. They have a tendancy to seize up and make it a bear to get out. Once those come off you can undo the cable and lights from there it should pop right out.

I hope you are skinny because laying on the floor with your head up against the pedals is quite uncomfortable. Lay down a blanket for comfort and take a few small flashlights with you. Prop the flashlights in different areas and hopefully one will illuminate your project. Also be carful not to accidently dislodge any other lights. Sometimes one will come loose and you won't notice until your done and driving down the road at night.

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