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'72 240Z, Ebay item 4644512852, buyer beware..

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This ebay listing incorrectly reflects the odometer reading for the car.


Seller states the vehicle has 62,000 miles. When the car was being sold by the original family (daughter-in-law was selling for her elderly father-in-law), I was told on two separate occasions that the actual mileage on the vehicle was/is 262,000 miles. She was asking $3000 at the time. I passed on the vehicle as it had several body panels with mismatched paint from previous repairs, some rust issues (imagine that!) and a leaking heater core which left the horsehair padding in both driver and passenger footwells wet.

Another curiousity is that the seller lives in Deer Park, Washington while the ebay photos show the Idaho plates of the original owner. Extrapolate what you will from this, but the possibility exists that the ebay seller has not yet registered the car in his name as a Washington resident in hopes of flippping the car before being required to pay the +8% WA sales tax.

So, in short, buyer beware.

Gary S.

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