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240Z thanks for all the advice


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Well I could say that reajusting the points and plugs did it, but putting the wires on the distributor cap probably was the most effective fixit:stupid: . I knew that my first distributor cap had a "1" marked on the underside, which I took for granted met that that was the number one cylinder. So in my haste I pulled the wires, changed them and replaced them with a new cap, aligned with the old cap's "1." What did the trick was just fussing with it. I moved all the wires over counter-clockwide until the car ran proper.

Nothing fancy, but it's good to hear the Z idle again. Oh I have to get a new muffler now. The fierce backfires that were plauging the car before I got the tune-up parts killed the muffler. "If it ain't one thing it's mother-f----ing-nother."

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