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Quick Ball Joint question?


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I'm trying to refresh my memory on a couple things as it's been so darn long :) Only thing I'm stuck on is Ball Stud Turning Torque. In the FSM it says to check Ball Stud turning torque with nut in place.

Turning torque:

New Parts (65-109 in-lb

Used parts (More than 43 in-lb

This is all it says about turning torque in the FSM that I can find? Can anyone shed some more lite on this for me?

Thanks in advance :)

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Clymer manual says this:

Transverse link (i.e. control arm) to ball joint bolts 35-46 240Z 44-51 260Z

There's a procedure for checking the ball-joint end-play, which I can supply if you need it. (Part of the inspection of existing joints.)

Assembly: Install the ball joint on the transverse link. Tighten the installation bolts to specifications (per above). Install the knuckle arm on the ball joint (Fig. 21). Tighten the nut to specifications and secure with a cotter pin.

Figure 21 just shows a torque wrench on the nut where the cotter pin goes, but I can post it if you need it.


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