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looks pretty good...whats the condition? and do you have a plan for how to tackle it yet?

Sorry about the delay in response, work got in the way. Overall the car is in very good condition. my plan is to disassemble, fix the battery box area and pasenger floorpan/frame rail. Then do the rest of the car slowly. I hope to make it a very fun street car. Only some mild improvements in suspension and engine.

Here is a picture of another Z I owned long ago:


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Zcome to the culb, and thats a nice looking Z you have there, and it dont look like you have to much to do with the restoring of your Z from the way it looks from the outside, but please keep in mine that Zee's do have there rust spots, but any proublem that you may have, there is always someone here in the club that can help you. good luck


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