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Electrical problems with 73 240


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I just purchased my 73 240 Z.

My boyfriend asked me to post this and I hope someone can make heads or tails with this information cause I really want to drive her.

When I turn on the headlights(engine off) all I have are highbeams. Sometimes I can get the lowbeams to come on but they are dim. When this does happen I can turn the light switch off and they stay on until I shut off the ignition switch.

I have replaced the combination switch and it did the same thing.

Just to be sure they were good I did a continuity test. As shown in my 1975

Z Factory Service Manual they were both good. I did voltage tests at the bulb connection. The battery read 11.95with the lights on one light plugged in, being dim RW read 10.86, RB read 6.49 and the UB read 11.13 with the high beams on, which was bright, RW read .413, RB read 5.71 and UB read 10.41. This was done with the motor off and the left light plugged in and the testing done at the right plug. In my Chiltons Manuel its shows a passing relay early model which I assume is the relay on the engine side of the firewall which I hear intermintently click when I turn the lights on. My Haynes Manuel doesn't show this relay at all. It is located above the heater hoses. If anybody has any ideas please keep it in laymans terms. I dont know much when it comes to electrical.

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