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fault still not fixed ??!!


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Well .. all that re-wirering and the car left me stranded again. This problem has us all stumped. There is spark and it seems there is fuel .. but the car just dies for no reason. It died on me on the way home on the hyw. I was doing about 80 kms and it died .. then ran for about a km and then dies for good. I tries to start it ..it started and ran really poorly after about 1/2 hour and then quit. I had it towed to the mechanic .. got it off the tow truck ..then the car started and ran perfectly. ???????????


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A friend of mine had this problem with his Z. Sound funny but his did the same ran for a while and then would just die for no reason known to man kind. He had his fuel presure regulator replaced and the problem was gone like a fart in the wind. Good luck with it..

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