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Hi all,

This is a great site and thanks to the mods for all the great work. My first date with a Z was in '82 with the purchase of a early '74 260. It was in excellent shape and I added goodies like triple mikunis, shaved and ported the head, Monza exhaust and headers. It already had a kick tail, airdam, etc.

I owned it for several years and decided I wanted a V8 conversion Z. So I sold my "My Precious" to a father that was buying it for his 17 yr old daughter :cry: Anyhow,there was one that I happened on (V8 Z) and, by this time having some knowledge of Z's and rust I should have looked a whole lot more carefully........ :finger: But, I was blinded by the power :love: It had a worked over 350 with a turbo 350 auto trans with a shift kit. Whale tail, airdam, fiberglass raised hood. Floor and frame, you ask. Well hell, I didn't need a floor or frame :stupid: Well it was about a year later that my wife and I had Meagan, our daughter. And plans (like a spot other than the ground for my butt) for the Z8 were put on hold. Fast forward about 2 years. Having the Z8 slowly(?) disintegrate before my eyes I decided to sell it and maybe someday buy another. So now it's around 1990 and I get a call from the father of the girl I sold my Z to. Wanted to know if I would like to but it back Problem is now I'm fully entrenched as a family man and short on expendable cash. But my ever loving wife says to try and come up with the cash for it. (Looking back on it now it wasn't very much money, but it sure seemed like it at the time ) A couple of promises later a had my old Z back. Still had the mikunis and everything that I had done to it........but it had been beat to crap. The girl had hit a curb and knocked the by now rusted front frame rail back about 2 inches. The floor on both sides, you could see China. The trans was shot. And all sorts of dings and scratches. But to me she was still pretty. But still, the problem was cash flow. The only repair I was able to make at the time was the clutch/transmission. It looked as if I would have to put a couple of grand just to make her roadworthy again. So in the garage she went and up on blocks to gather dust :disappoin And there she sat until last year. It had been a fairly good year. My daughter all but grown by now. But now my wife was looking to move some things out.(Read as "could you please do something with that! Either get rid of it or fix for God's sake" Yup, looks like I'm gettin' a green light for a restoration. My daughter wanted to help also So I started listing things that I would have to get to even think about getting it on the road. The time in the garage was not helpful. Things had only gotten worse. Family meeting. Look for a Z that was at least roadworthy and start from there.Started looking and found an early 260Z that was in fair to good condition bodywise and good conditon mechanically. It needs some body work and new paint. But the frame and floor pans are good and no other rust to speak of. Only sad part is, it is an automatic :sick: I've tried to love it, to no avail. I must swap. Now don't forget, I have a complete drivetrain from my old beat 260 (Yea, heh, heh I still have it :P ) I also have my Mikunis (in dire need of a complete makeover and also acquired a set of triple Webers in vgc. I also have a header and new Monza exhaust. And of course other still viable parts from my old girlfriend. So that's about where I am now, 20 some years later. I can't wait to finish her up.



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