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BMW 3.5 Z finally begins in earnest


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Well, no, sorry no pics just now. I should post some. but the Z has taken a "back seat" to the BMW 2002/318is swap, work, another college class, another series of repairs on my son's car, coaching track, and winter, so it's under a tarp in the driveway. The class is done, the 2002 is getting there, track is just beginning, son's car still has issues, but it is on the road, winter is still hanging on, and the tarp is wearing thin. As soon as I can, I am anxious to see it in the sunshine again. Then I'll get some pics.

I like your site. Phillipines? Very nice looking Z! I had a red one, a '70, back in the day when they were new, well, slightly used, and it looked very much like yours, except for the cool stuff, which wasn't available back then. The Z was one of the coolest cars on the road then, wupped on Cameros and Mustangs, due to the lightness and the great IRS. I did a Chec V8 conversion on it in '73 and then sold it off and took off to Central America. It was a great car to cruise with my girlfriend (now wife), so she's very cool about my building this one up BMW style. Later, Jim

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Well, I have finished the 2002 with the m42 twin cam. It's very nice. Plenty of good power and about 30 mpg. Coils on plugs, 5 speed, lsd, and rack and pinion steering. Now I just need to refurbish the suspension, new wheels and tires...it never ends.

The Z with the big six has been on hold, as you can see by the age of these posts, but I'm thinking of going electric since I'm not too far into it. Later, Jim

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Much as I love inline sixes, I've been thinking about the possibility of using a BMW V8 in a Z. The sweet little aluminum 3.0 liter V8s (out of an E34 530i) can be picked up pretty cheap. Might take some fab work, just like the big six would take. But cool, none-the-less.

Not going to happen anytime soon if it's up to me, but I can still think about it.

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Personally, if I were going for a conversion, this is what I would use:

Model BMW S70/2

Type 6.1 liter, 48 valve V-12 aluminum block and heads, 627 bhp

Bore and stroke 3.38 x 3.41 in (86 x 87 mm)

Displacement 370 cubic in, 6064 cc

Compression ratio 10.5:1

Engine control system Bosch Motronic with port fuel injection

Emissions controls 3-way catalytic converter feedback fuel-air-ratio

control auxiliary air pump

Valve gear Chain-driven double overhead cams, 4 valves per

cylinder, hydraulic lifters, variable intake timing

Power (SAE net) 618 bhp @ 7400 rpm

Torque (SAE net) 479 ft-lb @ 4000 rpm

Redline 7500 rpm

BMW's N73 is the first direct-injected V-12 engine ever offered in a production automobile, and the first direct-injected gasoline engine to meet contemporary emission control standards.

Direct fuel injection means injection of the fuel directly into the combustion chamber, rather into the intake port as is the norm. It has been chosen and developed by BMW's power train engineers to boost power output and fuel efficiency to higher levels than could be achieved with conventional fuel injection.

BMW's system operates on a stoichiometrically optimum fuel-air mixture and can be emission-controlled by conventional, proven 3-way catalyst technology.


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Much as I love inline sixes, I've been thinking about the possibility of using a BMW V8 in a Z. The sweet little aluminum 3.0 liter V8s (out of an E34 530i) can be picked up pretty cheap.

Interesting we have similar ideas, only different. My thought was the Toyota 1UZ-FE 4.0L V8 that powers the GS series. My GS has 300HP, 310 ft-lbs. of torque. It's a small (but tall) V8 that I would bet fits nicely in the spacious engine compartment of a 240Z.

The Lexus V8 follows the "overbuilt" philosophy we see from Japan - as an example, it has a 6-bolt main, and is the same engine that was used in the LeMans MR2 and the current Lexus Daytona Prototype.

It's dirt cheap ($300-900) and ultra-reliable. 300HP out of the gate - that would be something!

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