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280z fuel pressure regulator


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i am about to buy a 280z not sure on year yet will repost year. but the chic im buying it from said the shop she had look at it said it needs a fuel presure regulator. it starts but it floods(im geussing if you sit to long) i was wondering where the fuelpresurereg is located and how hard is it to replace. also about how much will it cost me. plz jsut call me with any info 512-426-2082 as my comp is unreliable. thanks for any help

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The fuel pressure regulator is on top of the intake, and in the middle of the fuel rail (oval-shaped tubing connected to the injectors). It is around cannister with a vacuum hose on one end, and two tubes coming off, one is bent, that are connected to the fuel rail with rubber hoses.

They were about $40 at AutoZone. It's not too hard to change it. Just takes time to take all the parts/hoses/etc. apart. Also get yourself some 5/16 inch fuel injection hose and 5/16 FUEL INJECTION CLAMPS- not those cheap water hose clamps!

See the picture. It's the round thing in the upper-right corner.


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How did they arrive at the diagnosis that the FPR was bad? Did they run a pressure test? I only ask because I've been around these cars for a while now and haven't ever seen a FPR go bad. It's a fairly simple device with no electronics. For flooding, I'd first check the thermotime swich and cold start valve. Then I'd look into a possible leaky injector or two.

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I only mentioned that because my car once was diagnosed with a bad FPR and when I put a new one on it, the problem I was having still existed though it was a different problem than clutch 07182 is experiencing. I took it to my friend's shop and it turned out to be a bad relay. Now he has had his shop (Z Car Speciality-Upland, Calif.) since the mid 80s and he is the one who told me that FPR's seldom, if ever, go bad. Of course, the Nissan dealer wouldn't refund my money for the part.

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