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For sale 1969/70 240z


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Im selling my 240z VIN HS30-00325. It has the 240z badge position up on the quaters and vented hatch. The shell and panel are very straight and rust free. it has an engine(not matcing no's) and early split box. It is not running and would only suit someone interested in a project.

If you are interseted the car is at Bardon, Brisbane.

Call Tyronne on 0409 240 125 or [email protected]

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Hi Tyronne

Your cars a late 70, early 1971 series 1. Not a 69/70. Definately would have been complianced in 1971 according to the Register of Right hand drive 240Z. Whats the year on the compliance plate?

If it was a HLS30-00325 it would be earlier, but the numbering/years are different for the right hand drive cars. Its a common mis-underestanding.

How much are you asking and whats up with the engine?

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Tyronne has the same car is on Ozdat too( I assume its the same one), which answers the question about whether its complete or not. Seems like it could be a good buy.

Add reads..

Datsun 240z 1969 Complete car less some interior bits. suit restoration project. Very straight shell with very little rust. Comes with group 1 spoiler.

Car Identification: 1969 240z

Price: $3900 Location: bardon QLD


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HI all. Sorry for any Inconvenience, But ive decided to keep the car and restore it as I dont think ill get another car in as good nik easily.

In regards to the Year Im pretty sure that it is a 1970 or earlier it does not have a complience plate and never did. I know who it was originaly brought off and he had it registered about 15 years ago and it did not have the plate then and theres no holes for it in the usaul place. Also it has the badges on the upper quarter and not vents. It has the vented hatch in matching colour and does not have the tool boxes behind the seat. I also heard that they were more then 220 brought in (350 i heard) and they may not have all been numbered in order.

Any Ideas on the above would be appreciated.

Regards Ty

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They were all pretty much ordered by number. The reason a car would get out of order is if it was delayed on the production line due to quality controll, wich would make a car older, not younger.

There are no 1969 complianced right hand drive 240z in Australia. The earliest is car number 00004, which arrived in Australia in April 1970. Which was presumably the first shipment of 240z's to arrive Australia.

I have no doubt that you have a series 1 240z, but series 1's were made up to some time in 1971 when they revised the 240z with some minor cosmetic changes, and to correct the design flaw with the placment of the Diff.

The earliest 71 I know of is number 00280.

Import numbers for Australia are:

1969 0

1970 319

1971 894

1972 362

1973 783

1974 442 + 599 2+2's

1975 198 + 742 2+2's

1976 385 + 1615 2+2's

1977 98

1978 0

These numbers are from a Nissan Publication.

If you search the forums for VIN numbers australia, you will find lost more discussion on the topic.

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