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General Newbie Questions About the 280ZXT


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I've been looking to buy a an inexpensive project car for about a month now, and I just can't make up my mind on which one to get, heh. I just have some general questions about the 280ZXT, as I want to better understand this car.

1. How much do these cars cost typically (150+ mi, fair condition)?

2. What do they run stock (QM, 0-60)?

3. Did they all the turbos come in a 5-speed?

4. How hard (time/money estimate) is it to tune these cars to reach mid/high 13s?

5. How much money would it be to just swap a turbo engine in an N/A 280ZX?

6. How do they handle, and is there aftermarket parts for suspension etc... (Also is there a decent aftermarket for performance parts?)

7. How high or low is the insurance on these? Are they considered Class B (or whathaveyou) sports cars?

I know these are a lot of questions, and I thank you ahead of time with your answers.

Thanks again,


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Hi Tang,

Good choice of vehicle, even though most of us on here would argue you should go for an earlier Z car like a 240,260 or 280Z!! :finger::)

Hope some people can help you but guess the best bet is to go ask this on Zcar.com as you will find more 280ZX enthusiasts. Some have even done the NA to Turbo conversion you asked about

Good luck!! And if you change your mind on an earlier Z car this is definately the place for info :)!!!

Hope you get one as they can be alot of fun too!

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