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Looking for location info for Northern Va


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I found a place on Highway 1 south of Woodbridge about 2 years ago. The guy had PILES of Zs all over the place. I tried to contact him for a week with no sucess. Then left out overseas for a few years. He is probably still there as it was a regular garage and the guy did a lot of work at Quantico.

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At one time there was a Z junk/car parts business in Fairfax or northern Va. Does anyone have the name and or info on this place?

Are you refering to Datsun Dynamics in Vienna VA? If so..

Here is a picture of daddz and I when we picked up a 280Z that he bought from them. Does this look familar:


Datsun Dynamics

1202 Downey Drive

Vienna, Virginia 22182


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no that isnt the place. This guy was a master mechanic with his own repair shop and old Z's piled up on the side. His assistant told me that the guy has Z parts all over the place and was thinking of putting together a web site to sell them. I will look for the guys business card to give you but I cant find it. You may have to do a road trip...or I may have to. At the time I was looking for a 4.11 rear but like I said I could never find the guy.

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