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Camber Ajustment (Already searched)


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Anyone have experience with this kit offered by MSA?


Since adding new 15x7 Rewinds, my car now tracks the road while driving. And since i plan on using the 1" Tokico springs soon, the problem will only get worse. Since z's have no camber ajustment i need something, But I don't want solid ajust bushings because this is a street car, so Arizona Z arms are out as well (To expensive also). I'd rather not hack up the strut towers either with weld in plates.

Let me know if their's an easier way.



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I used the adjustable offset bushings.


They do not give that much adjustment (about 1 degree). Make sure you get the camber wrench (you may want to buy two, they are aluminum and flimsy). The advantages were:

Bushings move the bottom of the tire in, versus adjustable strut mounts, which move the top of the tire out (I did not have the tire clearance to spare!). Also, the further from the pivot, the greater "impact" sense you will feel. I haven't tried the Motorsport adjustable mounts, but have seen others that drastically increased impact harshness. As for the bushings, I have not noticed a significant change in impact harshness.

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