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Newbie.. 810 question


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Hello all.

I'm not sure where to turn.... So I'm asking you all a question about a '77 Datsun 810 wagon.

I came here because in my search for answers I found that you all occasionally talk about these cars because of their "Z" motors.

Well, here's the question.....

I've been given the choice to 'remove' / have for free just to get it out of their yard a 1977 Datsun 810 wagon. I was told it was originally bought for the 'Z' engine but the son has since pasted on.

The car is real rough but it's got everything including an extra intake and carbs (dual carbs), 4spd and today the family even believe it still runs.

Question, is it worth my while removing this car and putting it in my yard and parting out? The body is ROUGH, probably beyond repair.

I know Pontiac GTO's but just learning a little about Datsun 810s. Is this car worth while parting?

Anyone interested? The car is in the Tacoma, WA area


[email protected]

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I own a 79 810 2dr. What I have found is that there really isn't much interest in them here in the US. There is one other member here that I know of that has one. The wagons, I would think, from what I've seen chasing down parts over the last couple of years are of less interest. I was lucky enough to find one in running condition with low mileage (79K). I was able to drive it home from where I purchased it (60 miles) and basically just painted it and have been using it as a daily driver for the last two years. As far as being worth parting out, other that the engine and trans, I doubt if the rest of the car would generate much interest.

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