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Very cool! ALL Skyline TV commercials


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Oooooh, very nice Eric! I agree, how cool would it be to actually see the videos???

I did have a copy of 2 of the most recent G35 videos with snippets of the older models in them, but can't seem to find them anymore. :cry: I thought I got them from the official site, but the closest thing I can find now is this: http://skyline2.nissan.co.jp/PERFORMANCE/coupe.html

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Thanks Eric. I had a bit of a sniff around the site....on one of the pages there is an original Mazda Cosmo ad with the car running around a banked track. The word "SAMPLE" running across it as it plays.As well as a few RX2 etc ads. I wonder if the others are ads for a DVD of the old ads? DVD features on that linked page if you run it through SYSTRAN, or maybe this lad just has the DVD of the ads??

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