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Gas Cap Help...im missing parts!


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hey all

does anyone have any pictures of the backing of their gas cap, im missing a piece for it to lock and just want to see how it looks. ill either make the piece im missing or if anyone has an extra piece or know where i can get one plus let me know and how much



heres a couple pics of my cap



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hey leon

let me know your price. ive bought 240k fender mirrors that lachlan had spares of. so you can ask him, im good for it. if anythin, if you have pictures of your 240k gas cap i would like to see how it is so i can try to make the missing piece myself or if its to hard ill end up buying yours.


if you ever get a chance to go the body shop to check out your car, would you be kind and snap a few photos of the backside of your cap, it will be greatly appreciated.

as for update on my car, the sr20det is now at my friends shop, my intercooler just came in today, its core size is 24x12x3. i sent out my ECU to get reprogrammed in canada so hopefully with all the parts im buying i will be able to get the car on the dyno and get about 400rwhp. im hoping next month we can start on the engine bay and body work. i havent found time to get working on it, but as soon i get some work done ill be sure to take photos and keep updating my progress.



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hey thanks for the replys

so far problem solved, i just jammed the top of a pen into the lever and turned it over like what HKSZ said and it worked! its not the best thing but it will do for now, but i wouldnt mind buying the real thing,

thanks all,....


email me pics anytime you have the chance to look at your car


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