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E31 Head Gasket #


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I have been told that Nissan made a head gasket specific to the E31 head and that gaskets available in the US are for the E88. The E31 head gasket supposedly has a slightly smaller diameter while the E88 has a slightly larger diameter.

Can anyone verify this?

If it is true, would anyone know the Nissan/Datsun part number for the E31 head gasket? Could I also get the part number for the E88? I will be in Japan shortly and would like to find out if I can have some friends track this part down.


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Odd that I've never, ever been asked which head is on my engines when I've ordered headgaskets from Nissan or any of the few aftermarket sources I've bought gaskets from.

Also odd that USA would only have gaskets for E88. We got the E31 head, at least 2 versions of the E88 (one having the same profile as the E31)

AFAIK, the L24 cylinder diameter is the same for all L24 engines. Why would there be a different diameter to the combustion chamber? From what I have read, the different c/c volume of the E31 vs the late E88 head is largely due to changes to the shrouding around the spark plug.

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Good question regarding bore size.

I don't know much about part transfer between models but wonder if the E88 head was also used on later larger bore cars (i.e., 260, 280). I say this because the way this situation was explained to me is that when a standard head gasket is put on a 240z the gasket will actually be slightly larger than the bore diameter which will have the effect of lowering compression due to the slight groove created between the head and block at the location of the gasket. The un-obtanium head gasket I am told is the correct diameter for the bore.

Now that I look at the situation I think the head gasket to which I was referring is probably not specific to the E31 because, as indicated, in a Carl's email, the higher compression was indeed a result of head work and not bore size. The gasket must be specific to the 240z but perhaps because replacements are impossible to find the only gasket offered is from later cars. This is a hypothesis only but hoping someone can verify.

Thanks for the part numbers. I will check with my local Datsun source person for more information on this general topic and will also bring with me to Japan the bore size specs for 240, 260, and 280 and see if the gaskets differ. I am also going to compare the diameters of my spare gasket and bore spec to determine similarity/dis-similarity.

I will let you know what I find.

Thanks All.


72 240Z ITS

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Chuck, would you also have the part number(s) for the E88 head gasket?

Or the part number for a gasket to fit on a 260?



It appears that the gasket set for the 260Z was 11044-P3004. That's what is listed as 260Z exclusive.

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